Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Politics Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Mr. Kempfert is now certain that his father, William Macumber, is innocent. Arizona’s clemency board, citing Mr. Kempfert’s “very moving testimony” and saying there had been “a miscarriage of justice,” unanimously recommended last year that Mr. Macumber be freed.

But Mr. Macumber remains in prison, and Gov. Jan Brewer has refused to explain why.


Politics and the criminal justice system should never mix. When these two intersect, we get results like this one. You would think that the candidate for governor would have some explaining to do, but her support of the "Papers, please" legislation has probably overshadowed this case of injustice.

You might also think that I would grow weary of reporting and commenting on stories of wrongful conviction. The lack of outrage from the public is disheartening, but no one said that changing attitudes about our failed criminal justice polices and practices would be easy.

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