Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Most state D.A.'s silent on death-penalty reasoning

Many refuse to answer a law school survey asking how each decided whether to seek execution. L.A. County's Steve Cooley was among the few who did.

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John E. Godwin said...

This article doesn't surprise me with the amount of attention that the upcoming the Supreme Court Capital Punishment case. While it is great to hear all the debates regarding the humaneness of carrying out a death sentence, of greater interest to me is the decision from the bench to kill. From reading this article either there are not specific situations that must be present before the PA seeks the ultimate sentence. I am not a proponent of capital punishment mainly because of this nation's track record of prosecuting innocent people, but also because of race and discrimination among other things. The decision to seek death is a new avenue that must be explored. From the souns of it, in CA at least there may be a number of different methods DAs go about in determining to seek death or not. At the very least it is inconsistent.