Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bill would ban non-elected judges from capital cases

In a blatant attempt to fix the outcome of capital cases, 3 Republican law makers have introduced a bill prohibiting non-elected judges from presiding over capital cases. This is a crude attempt to intimidate judges while undermining judicial impartiality.

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Monty Blamires said...

I find this case sad and disappointing, here is a case where there is no doubt about his crimes and if he committed them, this is a clear case for the death penalty. We need to rid society of his presence. I know my view is not popular, but again if it is not in self defense or negligent I support the death penalty in all of the rest of the cases.

John E. Godwin said...

Ahh the cost of death... I understand that these lawmakers are attempting to save money in capital cases as they are very costly, but this seems like a foolish way. Does it make you a better judge if you are elected? Sorry, but I have a lot less faith in politicians in a position such as this as they are elected based on their censored views. I feel this would be yet another hinderence on the justice system.