Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing Politics with the Death Penalty

A top North Carolina House Democrat whose daughter was murdered 25 years ago said Wednesday he wants the state Republican Party to retract a mailer it sent out alleging that a law he voted for could parole death row prisoners.

The mailer, which was sent to residents in Majority Leader Hugh Holliman’s district in Davidson County, focuses on his support for the Racial Justice Act in 2009. The state law allows people on death row to receive life in prison without the possibility of parole if they can prove, with statistics and other evidence, that race played a role in decisions by prosecutors or jurors to seek the death penalty.


The bottom line is that Republicans have been called out on the lie regarding the impact and intent of North Carolina's Racial Justice Act. As the law and the article make clear, death row inmates may challenge their sentences, but the only option is life without parole.

The mailer, which is intended to play on the fears and prejudices of voters, is just one more example of how politicians use capital punishment, the victims and their families, and death row inmates and their families to further their own dastardly ends.

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