Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Cry of Victims' Families

Calling capital punishment in California an "empty promise," the father of murdered teen Chelsea King said he supported a deal to take death off the table for his daughter's killer in order to bring closure to the community.

"We stand here because of a despicable evil act committed against our beautiful daughter, Chelsea, committed against our family and committed against our community," Brent King said in a news conference Friday. "While our unequivocal first choice is the death penalty, we acknowledge that in California that penalty has become an empty promise."


More victims' families are speaking out about the failure of capital punishment to deliver as promised. Their voices were heard in New Jersey and New Mexico as these states repealed capital punishment. But victims' families' concerns continue to be ignored in states by prosecutors and legislatures who cling to the death penalty despite its numerous failures.

Society must truly invest in the victims' families and friends by allowing them to more forward with their recovery sooner rather than latter. This case shows how to put the road to recovery on the fast track.

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