Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Difficult Decision

The family of slain state Constable Robert Bailey decided months ago that they would prefer his killer remain behind bars forever than for them to endure an emotional trial and subsequent appeals necessary for the state to put Walter Fayall III to death.


More family members and friends of murder victims are reaching this difficult decision. Not only are they having an impact on individual cases, but their voices are changing the administration of capital punishment in states like New Mexico and New Jersey.

"Three members of Bailey's family fought through sobs while telling the judge what their family patriarch had meant to them and how much his senseless killing has hurt them.
His son Robert Bailey Jr. told the judge why the family wanted the deal. "We feel our family has suffered enough," he said, "and taking Walter Fayall's life will not bring our father back to life."
Rodney Bailey, a grandson, said the family forgives Fayall, and Bailey said he hopes Fayall meets his victim in the next life. "I want you to meet him. I want you to talk to him because I know he won't hold a grudge.'"

If only society had the courage of this family.

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