Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Death Penalty in Texas Looks Bad?

Questions about whether Gov. Rick Perry allowed the execution of a man some arson experts say may have been innocent, and then hindered an investigation into the evidence, continue to reverberate across Texas, where issues surrounding capital punishment have rarely stirred such controversy.

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The criticism of Gov. Perry continues.

But I love the quote from the other Republican candidate for Texas governor, Senator Kay Baily Hutchison - “The only thing Rick Perry’s actions have accomplished is giving liberals an argument to discredit the death penalty,” she said in a statement. “We should never do anything to create a cloud of controversy over it with actions that look like a cover-up.”

Sleeping lawyers, a prosecutor and a judge romantically involved before and during a trial, 10 exonerations from death row, sentence and conviction reversals, botched executions, wrong convictions and executions, but Senator Hutchison would not want to do anything to create a cloud of controversy over the death penalty. Other than this misstep by Perry, there is nothing else with which to discredit the death penalty.

In the words of Rep. Barney Frank, what planet do you live on Senator Hutchison?

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