Saturday, May 2, 2009

President Obama's Opportunity re: SCOTUS

Conservative activists are already planning their campaigns to derail President Obama's pick to replace retiring Justice Souter.

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The rallying cry of "No more Souters" is taken to mean no more stealth nominees. I hope that the nominee will be fully vetted in terms of judicial decision making philosophy and personal background.

It is also interesting that some of these groups are already criticizing most everything about the process even before the process has become public. Picking up on the politics of capital punishment, among other topics, these "conservative" groups are hoping for a wedge issue - anything to salvage a decimated political party.

I hope that the confirmation process will bring to light how the nominee thinks about issues like capital punishment and less on what he or she thinks. We do need people with "real world experience" on how their decisions impact Americans, especially the powerless, as well as how these decisions impact our foreign relations.

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