Friday, January 16, 2009

Immigrant Deaths in Detention

NY Times - Federal immigration officials investigating the death of a New York computer engineer from China who died in their custody last summer said Thursday that supervisors at a Rhode Island detention center had denied the ailing man appropriate medical treatment on multiple occasions and that employees had dragged him from his cell to a van as he screamed in pain.

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This case illustrates the treatment many people are receiving while in prison, jail, or deportation facilities around the country. Numerous cases of abuse have been documented. Contributing factors include crowding, lack of funding for medical facilities and treatment, negligent supervision, training, discipline, and hiring. Are these cases what the U.. wants to be known for at home and abroad?

The Idaho Department of Corrections has its own problems, including an inmate disturbance and inmate deaths while incarcerated in for-profit prisons. The Idaho ACLU just filed suit against conditions in the Canyon County Jail. But we are not alone - conditions across the U.S. and around the world suggest a looming crisis, which will only become worse as declining funds smack into the "get tough" ideologies of the 1980s.

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