Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our National Shame - One Out Of Many

"Alas, we don’t treat our own inmates in Guantánamo with even that much respect for law. On Thursday, America released Sami al-Hajj, a cameraman for Al Jazeera who had been held without charges for more than six years. Mr. Hajj has credibly alleged that he was beaten, and that he was punished for a hunger strike by having feeding tubes forcibly inserted in his nose and throat without lubricant, so as to rub tissue raw."


Where is the the public outrage over the issue of prison and jail conditions, not only in Guantánamo, but across the nation? How can we allow inhumane treatment to continue (even while the Bush Administration denies it is happening)? The lack of outrage over the issue of torture is a measure of the decline of our society. Any society that permits torture, that fails to provide medical and psychological services, or any other behavior that constitutes an ongoing dehumanization cannot lay claim to the title of civilized.

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MissS said...

This article does not surprise me in the least given the mistreatment inmates in U.S. prisons are subjected to. I recently finished a research project on sexual assault in U.S. prisons and the numbers were staggering. What was most disturbing was the number of inmates who were victims of a sexual assualt by the officials employed at these facilities! Until this country can control misconduct within its own borders, nothing will be done about things that happen elsewhere.