Thursday, December 6, 2007

Poor Medical Case Cited at Nevada Prison

An investigation into the quality and quantity of medical care provided inmates reveals gross negligence and abuse of the worst kind.

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The conditions and treatment (or the lack thereof) reported by the physician are very reminiscent of what I hoped was a bygone era. How naive of me to think that we were past the era of indifference of prison officials to the suffering of the people in their charge.

Equally shocking are the comments from readers to the effect that pain and suffering is the price that criminals pays. It is rather astounding that a segment of the population whats to lock up more people for longer periods of time and does not want to provide even basic items that all humans are entitled to - a safe environment, food, health care, and humane treatment.

Will see the courts resume a "hands-on" position again with regard to prison conditions?

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