Saturday, October 27, 2007

Motorcyclist Sought in Pileup Is Identified

The motorcyclist who sparked a police chase that led to a fatal multi-vehicle crash on the Capital Beltway has been identified by a woman who was on the back of the motorcycle during the pursuit that reached speeds exceeding 120 mph, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the...

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When police agencies enacted more stringent deadly force policies, shootings of citizens declined. Research also revealed that when the police shootings decreased, fewer citizens shot at the police. Similar evidence has been presented regarding police pursuits - tougher policies result in fewer crashes, thereby decreasing the deaths and injuries to citizens and to police.

But still the unnecessary carnage continues. This case illustrates why the police should only purse individuals who truly represent a known danger to the community. The police must be held accountable in any any incident where innocent citizens are needlessly subjected to injury, death, and loss of property.

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