Monday, August 6, 2007

The Executioner’s Hood

A recent spate of botched executions has led some courts and states in the encouraging direction of halting the procedures and reviewing lethal-injection protocols.

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At a time when transparency and accountability of government policies are in short supply, the State of Missouri has taken a huge stride in the opposite direction by enacting a law to shield the identity of executioners.

It is only a small detail that the former state executioner had his medical license revoked. And I am sure that the condemned inmates did not mind at all receiving less than an adequate dosage of the drug that ostensibly prohibits the person being killed from feeling the intense pain produced by the subsequent chemicals used in the execution. After all, the executioner admitted that he was incompetent, so everything is square!

Why does our government continue to embrace a failed, but very expensive policy? Why do examples of cloaking its operations in secrecy like this sordid episode continue? Where is our outrage? Have we forgotten why government exists? Let me suggest that policies such as this one enacted by the State of Missouri do nothing to promote a feeling of trust and accountability, but do deepen the growing chasm between the government and the governed.

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