Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Candidate: Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Proposal: 'One-Strike

Mitt Romney worries that the nation's children are swimming in filthy water, a 'cesspool of violence, sex and drugs and indolence and perversions.' To clean things up, the Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor has proposed increased punishment for those who prey on...

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This proposal from presidential candidate Romney is long on rhetoric and short on substance. According to his Web site, Mr. Romney is proposing to enact tougher laws "to protect our children" that include more vigorous federal enforcement of obscenity laws, punishment and fines for retailers who sell video games with excessive violence and sex to minors, and enactment of "One Strike, You're Out" laws against sexual predators.

Missing from the Web site is any discussion of substance, like why getting tougher is likely to produce any decrease in this category of crime, or how much it will cost, or how did so-called "three strikes" legislation fare?

Until citizens demand greater detail, more transparency, and greater accountability from policy makers, we will continue to invest vast sums of funding (which is usually redirected from other sources) without a return on that in vestment.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, we reached a new high of over 2.2 million individuals in jail or prison and over seven million under some form of supervision in 2005. Tough enough?

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